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Catching up with our Ahunuku and Summer Scholars

Feature Article

This summer, GNS Science once again hosted a cohort of student researchers.

Our involvement in annual scholarship programmes accelerates the practical learning of early career scientists, exposes them to the incredible range of science we work on, and ultimately contributes to the science sector’s goal of creating a diverse workforce.

This year’s summer scholars joined us in our labs and project teams, getting their hands on everything from geothermal fieldwork to extracting organic compounds from ice-cores.

We caught up with some of them to hear their stories, adventures and insights from their time at GNS Science.

Students interviewed were participating in GNS Science’s Ahunuku Summer Scholarship programme and Victoria University of Wellington’s Summer Research Scholarship programme. Each year GNS Science has a range of opportunities for university students wanting to grow their skills alongside some of the best researchers in the world, and we host research scholars as part of a number of projects and programmes.

Shontelle Nahona
Ngāti Toa / Ngāti Ruanui - Ahunuku Māori Scholarship - Environmental Reconstruction - Victoria University of Wellington
Joseph Poata
Summer Research Scholarship - Mapping Geothermal Direct Use - Victoria University of Wellington
Emma de Jong
Summer Research Scholarship - Novel Organic Biomarkers in Antartic Snow and Ice - Victoria University of Wellington
Courtney Sanson
Ngāpuhi / Te Rarawa - GNS Summer Intern - Surface Geosciences
Li-Yen Thor
Summer Research Scholarship - Paleoclimatology - Victoria University of Wellington

Image caption: Summer Research Scholar Emma de Jong organising samples in the Ice Core Facility. Credit: Emma de Jong